Normally users opt for the cheapest hosting they can find and often devote more attention to whether the site has a gallery of images or have any effect or animation.

Is really that important to choose a good hosting provider?

Here there is no possible doubt, the answer is a resounding YES

Errors have adequate hosting Low speed

Google considers the loading speed of the web as a very important role to position your web factor: less speed, less position.

The ubication

The server location is one of the parameters that Google takes into account when positioning your website. The location has to be the one to which the public is designed your website. If your main clients are Spanish, the server should be in Spain.servidores

Improve the performance of your hosting

The web performance is being increasingly important for web developers, while allowing a website to go much faster by compressing content. This can only be achieved with professional Hostings which cost about 80 € a year, but allow to increase the speed of a web page to load up to 35% faster, and lots of optimizations for better positioning on Google that they are disabled in cheap hosting.