Black House Marbella had the pleasure of covering the first competition in Spain fusion the styles between the Mixology & Flair held at Roberto Cavalli Club in the city of Marbella. During the days 22 and 23 October, the event distributed  10,000 euros in prizes among the finalists.IMG_7020 Among the participants acted professionals (known as bartenders) and world champions who came from different parts of the world to this championship (England, France, Italy, Argentina, Russia, Romania …)IMG_7051 But more than a championship was quite a spectacle and fellowship among participants, who attended the representatives of major sponsors such as Mombasa, Fabbri … with the mayor of the city of Mabella José Bernal.IMG_7065 It has been a pleasure to Black House that the event organizers, especially Pedro Garcia (2013 Spainish champion in Flair) requires our services to have memories about this competition.IMG_6975IMG_6988 IMG_7146